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Removal of hair in the person forever: effective ways of depilation and epilation

Methods of professional removal of hair. Face skin gentle and sensitive therefore the epilation has to be carried out carefully and carefully. The modern hardware cosmetology allows to answer a difficult question — how to get rid of a face hair? The face not for nothing is considered the business… Leer más »

In total about a laser epilation on a face – a method essence, efficiency and responses

Further in article, we will tell you what zones on a face most often are exposed to removal of hair as it occurs what leave the client’s responses after procedure and what average prices of sessions of a laser epilation for women over an upper lip, a chin, eyebrows and… Leer más »

Wax depilation of the person: councils, responses, recommendations

Carry wax strips for depilation of the person which are very convenient in the application to cold wax. big area of removal of hair; fast and long effect — till 6 weeks. Of course, girls with a fair hair are lucky more and doesn’t bring them such discomfort for example… Leer más »

The instruction on use of wax for depilation with responses

We look after ourselves. Face care. Face packs in house conditions. With such wax masters in salons work, and it is applied to removal of a hard hair on sensitive zones (armpits, for example). Rating: There is no rating Many years questions of an epilation excited women only before arrival… Leer más »