Cocoa for hair: masks, oil, coloring and responses

Hair-dyeing of cocoa is possible only when powder is applied. It not only won’t damage to hair, but, on the contrary, will strengthen them and will give a pleasant chocolate shade. The technology of coloring begins with that the cocoa hair-dye prepares.

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Today we will talk about useful properties and rules of application of cocoa for hair. Modern life with her stresses, unimportant ecology and lack of healthy nutrition doesn’t promote preservation of beauty of female hair.

It is possible to support her as by means of the various synthetic preparations presented by cosmetic brands of various price level, and recipes with use of natural vegetable ingredients.

Cocoa for hair: masks, oil, coloring and responses

The second approach to improvement of hair often happens more productive as recipes srastitelny preparations contain considerable number of the substances directed on the solution of this or that trikhologichesky problem in the structure.

Cocoa make from cocoa beans – a valuable plant as a part of which there are more than 300 useful substances.

Treat their number:

  • antioxidants, and their concentration in cocoa three times exceeds the content of similar substances in the green tea which is considered by one of leaders in this indicator;
  • minerals, among which such essential to hair, as calcium, copper, iron;
  • folic acid;
  • vitamins of groups A, B, PP, E;
  • proteins, organic and saturated fatty acids.

The most valuable product which is received from cocoa beans, powder and oil are.

Advantage of cocoa for hair

Cocoa can be used as foodstuff – chocolate. If at it there is a high percent of these raw materials it will render the revitalizing effect on an organism in general and hair in particular. But for care of head skin and hair it is more correct to use useful properties of cocoa as external means.

Cocoa for hair: masks, oil, coloring and responses

Thanks to cocoa follicles receive additional food which then positively affects and a condition of a hair core. It not only is sated with additional useful substances, but also gets smooth structure. Oil and cocoa hair powder strengthen growth, reduce loss, and at systematic application the beautiful shade of hair which intensity can be varied voluntarily turns out.

Cocoa butter for hair

The oil received from grains of a chocolate tree represents fat of cream color with a pleasant smell. It belongs to category of firm products therefore before the use it is recommended to be kindled. It is more correct to make it on a water bath.

Cocoa for hair: masks, oil, coloring and responses

For this purpose it is necessary to cut off a small slice of oil a knife and to place in the enameled capacity which, in turn it is necessary to lower in other capacity filled with water. This design should be put on a plate. When water in the lower ware begins to boil, oil will start melting. Such way of a melting of cocoa oil will allow to keep all its useful properties. It isn’t recommended to use the microwave oven for this purpose.

It is most convenient to buy cocoa butter for hair in drugstores or shops of natural cosmetics as this product practically doesn’t meet in assortment of professional goods for care of head skin and hair.

Application for hair

Cocoa in house conditions is applied on purpose:

  1. Food and moistening of hair to what specially prepared natural masks are applied.

  2. Colourings.

Depending on a goal of cocoa mixes up with other useful products. Use of cocoa butter is shown at all seasons of the year that is connected with its expressed protective properties. It prevents drying of a cuticle of a hair that is actual as for winter with its cold wind, and for summer with the scorching sun.

Coloring of hair of cocoa

Feature of this vegetable product is the high contents in it the painting pigment. Hair-dyeing of cocoa is possible only when powder is applied. It not only won’t damage to hair, but, on the contrary, will strengthen them and will give a pleasant chocolate shade. The technology of coloring begins with that the cocoa hair-dye prepares. It can be made on the basis of shampoo or hair balm.

1. The recipe of coloring on the basis of shampoo

In the first case it is necessary to mix the portion of shampoo necessary for single washing of the head, with 1 – 2 tablespoons of powder of cocoa. Its quantity depends on what initial hair color and what result is planned. To apply shampoo on the head, to leave for 5 minutes, to wash away. It isn’t recommended to leave for longer term as the shampoo which is especially containing sulfates in structure aggressively affects ringlets.

2. The recipe of coloring on the basis of balm

The second recipe is similar to the first, only instead of a basic basis it is necessary to take hair balm. Mix can be held on the washed-up hair of 25 – 30 minutes. The effect from coloring in this case will be more expressed.

Masks for hair with cocoa

Cocoa is well combined with various components of a natural origin that gives the chance to prepare a large number of options of masks for the solution practically of any trikhologichesky problem.

The mask is a mix of components. After its preparation it is applied on dry hair, distributed on separate locks. Then it is necessary to put on a hat for a shower, to wrap up the head with a towel. For the best influence it is possible to use the hair dryer in addition. Warm air will strengthen penetration of useful substances under a cuticle.

It is possible to leave organic masks with cocoa on the head practically for any time: of 30 minutes till several o’clock. The planned duration of influence depends on that, ringlets are how injured and what effect wants to achieve. Some girls leave a mask for the night, having put on the head a protective bathing hat and having wrapped up a towel for achievement of thermal effect. In this case deep food will be provided to hair. Having finished procedure, the head should be washed up in the habitual way.

Cocoa for hair: masks, oil, coloring and responses

Masks with cocoa for growth of hair and their food should be done at least two times a week by series on 10 sessions. Then it is possible to interrupt for two months and again to return to this way of leaving. At such mode the steady positive effect is guaranteed.

Mask for hair with cocoa and kefir

Kefir is the product containing lactic acid. Therefore it is used when want to add to hair additional gloss. Kefir mix with cocoa not only will provide a well-groomed look, but also food and moistening. To make a mask of cocoa and kefir these two products in the volume depending on length and density of hair will be necessary.

It is necessary for hair of average length:

  1. Most uniformly to connect 1 teaspoon of cocoa to the same amount of warm water;

  2. To warm up the received mix on a water bath;

  3. To pour in it a half-glass of low-fat kefir;

  4. It is possible to add 1 chicken yolk.

It won’t be possible to dye a cocoa hair in this case as the painting pigment will be neutralized by kefir. There is a large number of kefiric masks for health of hair.

Mask for hair with cocoa egg

The supernutritious mask can be made, having connected cocoa and egg. For this purpose it is necessary to separate a yolk from protein. Will be put to use only the yolk representing the concentrated mix of vitamins, microcells and proteins, lipids, etc.

It to be necessary for a mask:

  1. Cocoa;
  2. Coconut oil;
  3. Egg yolk.

We connect ingredients in equal proportions and we apply on the head. As a result the hair saturated and shining. Other masks from an egg yolk for hair.

Mask for hair with cocoa and burdock oil

For its preparation we connect in an equal proportion of 2 oils: cocoa and burdock. To strengthen their impact on hair, mix needs to be warmed up up to the comfortable temperature on a water bath and quickly to apply on the head.

Such mask yields good result on a brittle hair. They become more elastic and elastic. Also burdock oil is applied from a hair loss.

Mask from cocoa with cognac

It is the ancient recipe which yields good result when drawing on roots of hair. For preparation of mix it is necessary to take:

  • on 1 teaspoon of cognac and honey;
  • 30 grams of the kindled cocoa oil.

To mix before receiving uniform mix and to rub in roots. To warm the head. After application to wash up hair in the habitual way. Such mask with cocoa butter and cognac helps to stop a hair loss, and at regular application promotes revival of the stood follicles. Further it is possible to see responses of women which applied on themselves this product.

Cocoa for hair: responses

Polina, 19

I am a natural brunette. I always wanted to make the hair color richer, to receive some not banal shade. I tried masks with cocoa (I took powder) and voila. Now I have a beautiful chocolate subtone!

Larisa, 21

At me the hair parting started extending somehow suspiciously. Well I also didn’t begin to wait for favor by nature. I made a series of masks of cocoa oil with cognac. Progress is obvious.

Ira, 33

For me the biggest problem – growth. A thick hair in itself and rather smooth, but so far you will wait at least for one in addition centimeter, you will be exhausted. I began to do a masochka of their cocoa butter with egg for the night and it seems to me that the effect is. I can already collect hair in a tail.

For a dessert, video: The recipe of the best mask for hair with cocoa in house conditions

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