Coffee for hair: responses and hair-dyeing of coffee (photo)

Using coffee for hair, it is possible both to strengthen, and to make them more dark to what photos after coloring and responses testify. Brunettes can dye coffee hair only.

Coffee for hair: responses and hair-dyeing of coffee (photo)

Coffee – drink at which millions of admirers, he helps to cheer up in the mornings and to begin new day. Everyone can choose the option – to someone to liking strong and saturated taste, and someone prefers gentle creamy and coffee shades. But any girl will find additional advantage in this drink, using recipes of house masks to support beauty and to paint coffee hair. Here we will share the best recipes and we will show a photo after coffee coloring.

Properties of coffee: useful and not really

Coffee stimulates an organism, awakens from a dream, and experts recommend to drink daily on two-three cups of drink in day. It has a talk that the moderate use it helps to prevent a cancer of a thick gut, formation of stones in a gall bladder, problems with a liver, reduces risk of development of cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s disease. Than it is useful to hair how influences them?

The fact of common knowledge that is a rich source of antioxidants, it acts as ideal means to support beautiful skin and hair. The majority of the cosmetic companies use this product as a component for the means, and in SPA salons it is used in various procedures for hair. It isn’t surprising as coffee restores the injured hair, with its help it is possible to prevent their fragility and loss.

It is interesting that scientists-dermatologists after a number of the conducted researches, proved that coffee stimulates and accelerates growth of new hairs, reducing intensity of baldness.

That caffeine influences the main reason for damage of hair follicles – dihidrotestosterona that is especially actual for baldness on man’s type is the cornerstone of this phenomenon. It is also revealed that the drink which is excessively used inside, on the contrary, is harmful and becomes a factor of a hair loss and their weakness. If you decided to try a mask for hair or to dye a hair by means of coffee to make them more dark, for example, as on a photo slightly further, study some recommendations which will save you from mistakes.

Coffee for hair: responses and hair-dyeing of coffee (photo)

Special instructions

So, before to paint or strengthen hair by means of coffee, remember the following:

  • choose exclusively natural ground product of a high or average milling;
  • give preference to coffee without excess additives and fragrances;
  • if there is an opportunity, it is better to make a mask or to dye hair the fresh ground coffee, for example, to buy grains and after to crush them in the coffee grinder, in that case and coloring will give brighter color, and aroma will be more intensive;
  • to darken only a little locks, take a coffee thick, it works more softly;
  • some responses report that to darken hair, instant coffee is necessary. Actually for this procedure, as well as for the looking after masks, it is better to use a ground product or its combination with the soluble;
  • you shouldn’t paint the locks which are already painted by paint;
  • coloring is more noticeable if to make coffee mix with tea.

Important! It is possible to practice masks and to dye hair by means of coffee only to natural brunettes and brown-haired women, and it is harmful to a fair hair as spoils a shade.

Recipes of coffee masks

Recipes with coffee for hair are diverse, and their advantage and effect are indisputable. You don’t trust a fir-tree, read responses of happy women in a network, look at a photo to the ambassador of procedure.

Coffee + oil

Well the coffee and oil mask influences the damaged locks that to make it, mix ground coffee and warmed up on a water bath olive, burdock or castor oil. Apply mix at first on roots, after distribute on all length and you hold half an hour. Slightly will allow to paint, darken ringlets and to achieve noticeable effect only regular use of such recipe, and it is possible to strengthen action, having mixed a mask with strong tea. For comparison make two photos – the first prior to application, and the second photo – after a course at least of 3-4 procedures.

Coffee for hair: responses and hair-dyeing of coffee (photo)

Coffee and cognac mask

Here the result is reached quicker, and to paint locks, having made them is more dark, it is possible after the first application. Simply to make a mask:

  • connect a tablespoon of coffee to the same volume of hot boiled water;
  • cool a little and add two yolks and the 2nd table. l. cognac;
  • after pour not enough castor or burdock oil;
  • enrich mix with strong black tea of 2 tablespoons;
  • mix and apply on hair for 20 minutes.

By means of such mask it is possible not only to return to hair live gloss and force, but also slightly to darken them.

Other recipes

Ground coffee is used and in the simplest unicomponent mask for hair consisting of its mix with warm water. And look for various options of other structures for care of hair in the table below.

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Coloring of hair

Looking at a photo of dark-haired models in glossy magazines, willy-nilly you start envying what bright and shining at them hair. It appears, there are many house ways by means of which it is possible to dye a hair, to make them brighter and more dark, to force to shine.

For natural brown-haired women and brunettes one of the best options is coffee, it is possible to paint locks this means safely and without special difficulties.

Coffee for hair: responses and hair-dyeing of coffee (photo)

To make coffee structure for coloring, prepare:

  • hair shampoo;
  • conditioner;
  • 1 table. l. instant coffee;
  • 100 g of made ground coffee;
  • package or hat for a shower;
  • towel.

We pour 50 ml of the conditioner in a cup and we add to it granules of instant coffee, mixing before full dissolution. After that we pour the strong made coffee in the received mix, cool structure if it hot, and we dye dry hair. We put on a package and we wrap up the head with a towel for 1-1,5 hours, then it is washed out by shampoo. We do rinsing by tea of a nettle and bark of an oak or usual black tea and even solution of coffee in warm water.

Today it is possible to find many photo with results of coffee coloring, on them difference is obvious – changes not only color, but there is also a hair shine, they look live. Make experiment, try to paint the head of coffee and then to make rinsing according to the recipe, and try to imprint a state and appearance of hair on a photo.

How to make coffee oil

For acceleration of growth and food of hair effective it is considered the oil prepared as follows:

  • mix the 10th table. l. olive or burdock oil and 2nd table. l. fresh ground coffee;
  • in dark glass capacity leave to be drawn for 8-10 days;
  • apply as a mask 1-2 times a week.

You share results of how you learned to dye coffee hair, and also own recipes, and don’t forget to leave reviews of those masks which managed to estimate.