Effect of the burned-out hair – what paints and technology of coloring yield such result

Coloring with effect of the burned-out hair not just like that throughout here enjoys more than 10 years wide popularity. Such technicians have a number of advantages in comparison with other types of painting

Our mothers tinted the ends of hair which burned out on the sun as was considered that they look very inaccurately. But now, when in fashion just non-uniform technicians of coloring, try to achieve such effect in the artificial way many women. They even are ready to pay for it considerable money though to simulate a solar kiss on hair rather simply in house conditions.


Coloring with effect of the burned-out hair not just like that throughout here enjoys more than 10 years wide popularity. Such technicians have a number of advantages in comparison with other types of painting:

The effect of the burned-out hair can be regulated on intensity. If it is simple to clarify locks, it will be more noticeable. And if to zatonirovat them after decolouration, on a head of hear there will be only easy light patches of light.


But there are at such procedures also minuses. And the main thing from them is process of clarification. In what way it wouldn’t be carried out – the head of hear suffers always.

It is impossible to remove a natural or artificial pigment, without having loosened the top protective layer of the covering hair of keratin scales. So – the head of hear after such paintings demands careful leaving and intensive restoration.

To achieve beautiful effect of the burned-out hair, it is necessary to work very accurately. Skilled masters create smooth transitions, knowing secrets of professional coloring and owning equipment of an extension of paint. Such work costs much and on long hair on time sometimes borrows till 3-4 o’clock. And in house conditions to receive good result it is possible, only working accurately and qualitatively.

Ways of coloring

For receiving beautiful effect of the burned-out hair there are some ways. It can be done in professional salon or houses independently. Naturally, the result will differ as without owning certain technicians, it is difficult to achieve soft transitions and absolute naturalness.

The professional

In fact, all ways of coloring with effect of the burned-out hair appeared from classical highlighting and assume clarification of the chosen locks on all length or only in the lower part.

For a dark and fair hair there are various technicians. And here experts don’t recommend to do such coloring on red and black hair. The head of the brunette seems after it faded, and on a red head of hear there is an ugly yellowness, to get rid from which it is almost impossible.

In salon can offer you one of the following the technician of coloring:

  1. Effect of the burned-out hair – what paints and technology of coloring yield such resultCalifornian highlighting. Becomes on a fair and fair hair (natural or painted by resistant paints). Represents clarification on 2-4 tones of the locks located in chessboard order. Paint is applied with accurate vertical dabs with strengthening of intensity of color to tips. By means of such equipment the blonde can become even lighter.
  2. Shatush. The equipment is developed for receiving the burned-out locks on dark hair. Differs from the Californian highlighting in that locks comb previously that there was no sharp transition from light to more dark shade. In salons for desvencijado usually use 2-3 close tones on one lock: the most dark – at roots, and light – on tips.
  3. Venetian highlighting. A kind of equipment desvencijado after which locks are surely tinted in reddish or gold shades. It allows to receive beautiful game of paints which does a hairdress very stylish and refined. Especially expressively such coloring on a nutbrown and chestnut-colored hair looks. But toning should be carried out regularly.

At cost all these procedures are approximately identical, but the price strongly depends on length and density of hair.

On very short these technicians won’t look so effectively as on average and long – not enough place for creation of smooth transitions. Though if on a hairstyle there are extended sites: an occipital zone or a bang, it is possible to execute zone highlighting which too looks originally and stylishly.

The house

In house conditions to clarify separate locks it is possible by means of diluted in half with water of peroxide of hydrogen or lemon juice. They are applied on the chosen locks with a usual brush for paint, and then within 15 minutes dry hair the hair dryer or sit down on the open sun. Of course the head of hear doesn’t manage to burn out strongly for one procedure but if to repeat it several times with a break in 7-10 days, the effect will become noticeable.

Effect of the burned-out hair – what paints and technology of coloring yield such result It is possible to receive desirable result of all for once on a natural or dyed hair in the original way, using the acquaintance all a braid a cone. But before procedure be convinced that you own technology of its weaving. Now it is easy to find a photo in the Internet and even video with the description of this process.

It is also necessary to prepare paint or the clarifying structure in advance. Thus objectively estimate a condition of a head of hear: the is thinner and ringlets are weaker, the less there has to be a concentration of an oxidizer. Not to wash hair for days up to one procedure better that skin fat protected them from strong damages.

Technically process looks so:

  • we braid hair in a cone, trying to take the thinnest locks;
  • we apply paint along lines of weaving, in the top part of the head receding not less than 3 cm from roots;
  • we maintain the put time, we untwine a cone and carefully we wash out the head.

Here so easily it is also simply possible to gain beautiful effect of solar patches of light on average and long hair. Short it is necessary to comb well, and then hands to create bunches which tips to paint over in lighter color. The habitual hairdress will recover and will play new paints.

One more original novelty is gel for delicate clarification of hair which works under the influence of heat and an ultraviolet. It can be applied simply on a crest with rare teeths, and then to comb them a head of hear and to go to burn out on the sun or to use the hair dryer. Concentration of gel rather weak not to injure hair, and only to clarify them on couple of tones. But means works only at a natural head of hear. According to consumers hair after it remain soft, brilliant and elastic.

Care of a head of hear

Within the first two weeks after any painting with clarification the relation to hair has to be the most careful.

In an ideal for this period it is worth refusing completely hot laying and to minimize drying by the hair dryer. The decoloured hair are also so dehydrated and any thermoinfluence during restoration for them is simply pernicious.

It is also necessary to provide to a head of hear additional leaving:

That the clarified locks didn’t turn yellow, 2-3 times a month silver shampoo or ottenochny balm are desirable to tint them. Also 1-2 times a month are useful to do a peeling of the head by professional tools or masks prepared according to national recipes.

Author of article: Anna Alexandrova

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