Coloring of hair: technology of coloring of a gray hair

Therefore to this day such questions as rejuvenescence and coloring of hair are actual. The technology of coloring of a gray hair special, it considerably differs from the household house.

Each woman, having faced emergence of a gray hair on the head, shudders for horror. Sometimes it is one-two silver threads which are imperceptible to people around and don’t cause a panic in their owner. But sometimes with age, in connection with a lack of vitamins, influence the stressogennykh of factors fine female ringlets lose the color and become covered by a gray hair.
It is possible to mask shortcomings. And even it is necessary as many women consider. Therefore to this day such questions as rejuvenescence and coloring of hair are actual. The technology of coloring of a gray hair special, it considerably differs from the household house. And it is necessary to remember it.

Coloring of hair: technology of coloring of a gray hair

What is the gray hair and why it arises

When indumentum starts losing completely pigmentation, there is a gray hair. It is possible to tell that the former head of hear leaves all juice. There is it because melanotsita cease to develop melanin, dye. The magic pigment is succeeded by air — the gray-haired hair is filled with oxygen molecules.

The reasons of loss of the painting pigment:

  • time — melanin in an organism becomes with age less therefore, growing old, the person loses chromaticity of hair;
  • stresses — under the influence of negative events and factors also there is a destruction of the painting pigment;
  • hormonal violations;
  • posedeniye owing to the postponed diseases.

Features of coloring of a gray hair

In order that it is correct to paint a gray hair, it is necessary to know about them everything. To distinguish types of a gray hair, the reason of its emergence, to study structure of hair, it is correct to prepare tools, with an accuracy to respect all rules of preliminary and main pigmentation. And of course, you shouldn’t make so difficult procedure, without having the corresponding abilities and qualification.

Coloring of hair: technology of coloring of a gray hair On the texture the gray-haired hair differs from pigmented therefore demands special conditions of coloring. When carrying out usual procedure of painting hair actively accept the water which is a part of the pigmenting solution therefore the bright and resistant shade as a result turns out. In a case with the turned gray hair all differently.

Typology of a gray hair

Each woman appreciates the beauty and wishes to be faultless therefore it is very important to make coloring of hair correctly. The technology of coloring directly depends on such factors as typology and the reason of a posedeniye, structure and a condition of hair.

As a gray hair of hair it is possible to allocate focal and scattered.
Focal gray hair — that which appears zonalno, for example, on temples or on a forehead.
Scattered gray hair — uniform distribution of a gray hair on all head.

On degree of a prokrashivaniye distinguish:

Means of coloring

That the result was most approached to natural, the technology of performance of coloring of hair demands the correct selection of dye. The first of what the expert — selection of the pigmenting structure thinks.
The physical dye containing in coloring shampoo, tonic or gel quite will be suitable for heads of hear with moderate number of a gray hair. Can these means not the most resistant, but give natural color and are available to use in house conditions.
By means of demipermanentny dye it is possible to change the soft hair which aren’t completely covered with a gray hair. As a part of these dyes there is a peroxide in order that high-quality coloring of hair became possible. The technology of coloring a little than differs in demipermanentny dye from household and has average firmness.
For the hair which are completely depigmented permanent dye is used. Coloring resistant and long at the expense of the oxidizers which are a part of the painting solution.
The pro-grass, or coloring with preliminary preparation, will be ideally suited for a “glass” gray hair. It influences scales of hair, opening them in order that the pigment got to the depth of a hair.
Modern technologies of coloring of hair assume prepigmentation, when necessary. In particular, at full, root or the uneven distributed (focal) gray hair. Process consists in putting the special dyes sated with a pigment on gray-haired sites of hair before the general processing. Coloring of hair: technology of coloring of a gray hair

Councils for selection of a shade

At a depigmentation the woman more than ever reflects that it needs coloring of hair. The technology of coloring of a gray hair assumes also the correct selection of a shade. If there is no wish to consult on this matter to the master or it is impossible, it is worth remembering some simple, but practical advice from professionals:

  1. To achieve effect of naturalness, color of dye has to be couple tones lighter than the natural.
  2. It is worth avoiding strong contrasts between skin color and a hair not to emphasize defects of the person.
  3. It is better not to use excessively bright shades not to gain effect of a thinning hair.
  4. It isn’t necessary to paint a gray hair henna or basmy — you risk to give to a hairdress a green shade.
  5. As hair can grow to one and a half centimeters a month, it is worth making visit of beauty shop and correction of a hair color regular.

Technology of coloring of a gray hair

Recommendations about a choice of tone and selection of dye are known, further it is necessary to make the correct coloring of a gray hair. The technology has to be observed in accuracy, differently the result can be deplorable. Therefore it is best of all to visit beauty shop. However some secrets of coloring of a gray hair the nobility important and it is necessary for each woman.

Coloring of hair: technology of coloring of a gray hair

  1. Dye first of all should be applied on the gray hair centers.
  2. If clarification of hair is made more than on 2 tones, better to begin coloring with occipital part, plentifully applying mix on all length of hair.
  3. If when processing to use warming up of hair, time of coloring can be reduced to 50%.
  4. It is better to wash away dye since emulsification — a light massage after that it is possible to propolosnut a strong stream of water, and already then to apply shampoo and balm.

Gray hair – not the sentence, or fashionable hairdresses are available to all

Women of fashion and lovers of extraordinary hairdresses shouldn’t worry concerning emergence of a gray hair, after all the most modern technologies of coloring are also available to them. So, for example, the 3D – coloring of hair. Technology quite difficult, but available to all, of course, at skillful approach and professionalism of the master. Complexity consists in the equipment of a set of hair and definitions of color scale. Pigmented segments are imposed at each other by layers, thus paint is selected one color, but different shades.

For those who appreciates bright modulations, other ultrafashionable technology – aroma is available. Coloring of hair from lighter tone to dark or on the contrary. Here the gray hair can even help you, but only at competent approach and a choice of color scale.

Coloring of hair: technology of coloring of a gray hair There is a category of women which doesn’t hide the age and will rejoice all signs of wisdom. They are convinced — and the gray hair can look beautifully if it is correct to look after the hairdress. Indeed. There are no not effective women, there is the wrong attitude towards itself. Love yourself and be happy!