Coloring of roots of hair: step-by-step instruction, recommendations

Coloring of roots of hair – business not always simple, in particular if is a gray hair. 1–2 times a week to put nutritious masks. After each washing of the head to humidify the ends of hair with oil or liquid crystals.

Coloring of roots of hair – business not always simple, in particular if is a gray hair. Quite often grown hair when painting turn out some other shade. But how in house conditions it is ideal to level color? Actually it isn’t heavy at all.

Coloring of roots of hair: step-by-step instruction, recommendations

Preparatory stage

On average roots of hair grow from 5 to 15 mm a month that is quite essential. Transition of color on ringlets which are much lighter is swept especially up or is more dark than a natural shade. Some girls should be painted time in 2–3 weeks that can’t but be reflected in the general condition of a head of hear. Therefore hairdressers recommend strongly to look after strenuously in intervals between painting a head of hear.

  1. To use shampoo without sulfates.
  2. 1–2 times a week to put nutritious masks.
  3. After each washing of the head to humidify the ends of hair with oil or liquid crystals.
  4. It is desirable to make lamination. Thanks to procedure paint will keep more long, hair will gain beautiful gloss (that is especially actual for gray-haired locks).

Also every time is recommended to hold paint testing even if it is used not the first time. The matter is that the producer can change at any time structure, and the new component will cause an allergy. Usually the test is carried out on an elbow bend because skin in this place has hypersensibility. It should be taken into account that reaction can be shown not at once, and within 48 hours therefore testing needs to be held in 2 days prior to coloring. If everything is normal, the itch and rashes are absent, it is necessary to start preparation of the tool.

It is required to you:

  1. house clothes which aren’t a pity for soiling if something happens;
  2. water-proof cape or old towel;
  3. brush with the pointed handle (it is very convenient to divide locks);
  4. plastic or glass bowl for paint;
  5. plastic clips for hair;
  6. latex gloves;
  7. spray;
  8. hours.


If roots differ from primary color of hair on 2 and less tones, use bezammmiachny paint, it will save hair.

Coloring of roots of hair: step-by-step instruction, recommendations

Step-by-step instruction

Of course, independent coloring differs from saloon procedure a little. The professional very often uses some paints of different shades, adds various proofreaders and changes a ratio with an oxidizer. All this can affect paint influence duration. Therefore the following instruction is suitable for coloring of roots of hair in the color not very different from the initial.

  1. Attentively read the instruction on paint.
  2. Connect components in plastic or to glasswares, in accuracy observing the proportions specified on packing.
  3. Put on an old t-shirt, gloves and cover shoulders.
  4. On border of growth of hair apply nutritious fat cream to avoid spots on skin.
  5. If paint needs to be applied on moist hair, use a spray.
  6. Comb locks and divide into hair partings. At you 4 zones have to turn out: occipital, 2 temporal and frontal. You will record each of them a clip, previously having turned off hair into a plait.
  7. Start applying paint on roots from occipital part. This zone differs in the smallest temperature therefore it will be painted more long.
  8. Having removed a clip, a tip of a brush divide hair into small locks and evenly distribute means on a surface of the grown roots. You watch that paint didn’t flow.
  9. Then start coloring of frontal part and in the last turn – temporal zones.
  10. Don’t forget that the movements have to be accurate, but fast. All procedure shouldn’t last more than 20 minutes. In the return case tone can turn out uneven.
  11. It is necessary to maintain paint on average 30 minutes, however are best of all to be verified with the instruction. It is necessary to reckon from the moment of the end of putting paint.
  12. After this time color should be stretched on all length. It is for this purpose best of all to use a spray and a comb with frequent teeths.
  13. In 7-10 minutes wash out hair a large amount of warm water.
  14. Apply balm or a mask, it will help hair to be restored quicker.


If after coloring of roots on skin there were spots, they can be removed with ease by means of lemon juice.

Coloring of roots of hair: step-by-step instruction, recommendations

Contraindications to coloring of roots

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At confluence of adverse factors color of roots after coloring can strongly differ from the main length. That it didn’t occur, skilled hairdressers recommend to refrain from procedure (especially if it is carried out in house conditions) in the following situations.

  • Periods, pregnancy, first 3 months of feeding by a breast. During this period at the woman the hormonal background, a metabolism and thermal control therefore the result of coloring can be very unpredictable changes.
  • The increased temperature, illness. Besides, because of the broken thermal control chemical reaction when painting can result in the uneven or distorted color of roots of hair.
  • Damages of an integument of the head, allergy. With it it is better not to risk even if coloring will take place well, for certain after it long-term treatment is required.
  • Recent chemical wave, bad condition of hair. Before painting hair have to restore the forces therefore after a wave has to pass at least 2 weeks.

Coloring of roots of hair: step-by-step instruction, recommendations

Masking of the grown roots

Sometimes because of the developed circumstances the woman long time doesn’t dye hair. And then the problem of the grown roots is particularly acute especially. What to do in that case? After all always there is a wish to look for all 100%.

The following some rules will help to make the grown roots less noticeable.

  1. Pick up the correct hairstyle. The Mnogoyarusnost and a bang will help to create additional volume, and thanks to the raised roots transition will be evident less.
  2. Stop a choice on difficult coloring (an ombra, a sombra, a brondirovaniye etc.). The special equipment provides smooth transition between a natural and desirable hair color. In that case it is possible to paint roots 1 time in 2–3 months, however such option is unacceptable for gray-haired women.
  3. Don’t do a horse tail. At such hairdress the even slightly grown roots are very noticeable.
  4. Create additional gloss by means of special serum. The reflected light perfectly masks insignificant transition of color.
  5. You set hair. Large ringlets hide unpainted roots.
  6. Use ottenochny balms or shampoos. If regularly it is possible to use the tinting means, to paint hair less often.
  7. Beautifully tie a kerchief on the head, make a turban or put on a hat. The main thing – that the image harmoniously looked in general.


If the grown roots can’t be painted at present, create additional volume. It will help to hide transition border for a while.

Coloring of roots of hair: step-by-step instruction, recommendations

Nuances of coloring of roots of hair

If the natural hair color differs on 2 and more tones from desirable, the technology of coloring of roots changes a little. In such cases painting in house conditions most often doesn’t yield in the usual way desirable result. However if it is impossible to address to the professional at present, we advise to consider important nuances of coloring of dark, light and gray-haired roots.

Gray-haired roots

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The more a gray hair at the woman, the more difficult qualitatively to paint them. Molecules of paint are easily washed away, color becomes faded and doesn’t hide a gray hair. It is possible to solve a problem in several ways.

  1. To use special a gray hair colors.
  2. If paint usual, it has to be mixed with basic tone in the ratio 1 to 1 or 1 to 3 (depends on number of a gray hair). For example, the chestnut will be suitable for a shade 6/7 (5/0). It is also necessary to add 6% oxide.
  3. In especially hard case from 100% with a gray hair prepigmentation will help to provide uniform opaque color. For this purpose before painting on roots it is applied mezcla or the natural dye (is 1 tone lighter than a desirable shade) diluted with water in the ratio 1 to 2. In 10 minutes means needs to be distributed on length. In 5 minutes it is necessary to apply in addition on roots mix from paint and a 3% oxidizer. In 10 minutes to distribute on length, still through 5 to wash away. Next day roots can be painted in the usual way.

Dark roots

The technology of coloring of dark roots is simpler, however and there is a risk to receive a yellow shade. That to avoid it, take the following advice.

  1. Use only professional, qualitative paint and a 9% oxidizer. If for coloring of roots to use 12% oxide or cheap aggressive dye, in some months it is possible to lose a head of hear simply.
  2. Replace usual shampoo with ottenochny or periodically you put the tinting mask, balm.
  3. If roots too dark and badly give in to clarification as option it is necessary to consider difficult coloring – an ombra, a sombra, a brondirovaniye or highlighting.

Coloring of roots of hair: step-by-step instruction, recommendations

Light roots

Coloring of light roots in house conditions can end with a green hair color. The following rules will help to avoid it.

  1. The easiest way to paint light roots are to take a shade more dark, than primary color.
  2. Other method assumes mixing of paint before drawing on light roots with 3% oxide. In 30 minutes it is necessary to add a 6% or 9% oxidizer to the same color and to apply on the remained length for 10 minutes.
  3. The following equipment consists in a preliminary remover. Such way will help to clarify more dark ends and will provide uniform color after coloring.

It is quite simple to paint roots of hair in house conditions. Difficulties can arise, only if ringlets much more dark or are lighter than desirable color. In these cases the special equipment which is owned best of all by the professional is applied. Therefore if opportunity regularly to be painted in salon isn’t present, the girl should pick up other shade or a difficult type of coloring.