Toning of hair: the main differences from coloring

Toning and coloring are similar on the action, but significantly differ on extent of influence on structure of a hair cuticle. As the Oxidizer which is in structure of a usual hair-dye works, opens cuticle scales.

Toning of hair: the main differences from coloring
Ladies who like to change the image and to experiment a hair color, often resort to toning. This procedure is a type of coloring at which the easy sparing means capable to change a shade are used or to recover natural color.

Toning and coloring are similar on the action, but significantly differ on extent of influence on structure of a hair cuticle.

As works

The oxidizer which is in structure of a usual hair-dye opens cuticle scales, influencing a natural pigment. The light tinting dyes are fixed on a surface, without concerning structure of a hair stalk but only densely enveloping it.

When toning influence of the irritating substances is minimized: there is no ammonia and if hydrogen peroxide is used, its quantity isn’t enough. The tinting preparations contain the grass extracts, a keratin, vitamin complexes, UV filters and other components which are looking after hair.

Ottenochny means level an integumentary layer, smoothing scales. What visible result? Deep expressive color and natural silk gloss.

Ottenochny tonic or mousse is washed away by shampoo gradually therefore there are no accurate transitions between the painted sites and the grown roots.


Having decided on toning, define, you want to reach how lasting effect. The procedure type depends on it.

Allocate three versions:

  • the intensive;
  • the sparing;
  • the easy.

At the first option the most long effect, about two months is reached. Toning of the second type keeps about four weeks, and the third — to two.


The industry of beauty offers wide scale of means for toning of hair: shampoos and balms, skins and mousses, tonics and sprays. Making a choice, pay attention to the table of shades and the recommendation of the producer, to this or that product is suitable for what hair. It is better to stop on the options close to the natural.

Coloristic opportunities of toning are limited. Soft dyes can’t significantly clarify hair, don’t cope with a gray hair, if it expressed.

Use of the tinting means allows blondes and fair-haired to enrich a natural hair color, having got rid of undesirable yellowness. The new shade cold ashy or warm golden, will refresh the person, having given to a hairdress visual volume. Experimenting this scale, it is possible to clarify a few hair, literally on couple of tones.

On dark ringlets of the clarifying effect not to achieve. But it is possible to receive more dark, juicy and expressive color: chocolate and chestnut, Burgundian and coffee.


If hair fragile and lifeless, before toning the course of treatment is shown: though ottenochny substances work more carefully usual, they aren’t absolutely harmless.

Not to face unexpected unpleasant result, some months prior to procedure stop using henna.

Technology of use

On a way of drawing toning is similar to coloring and demands use of protective equipment: gloves, a hairdresser’s pelerine are obligatory.

If apply coloring shampoo, wash with it the head twice. Having applied means on hair for the second time, it is recommended to take it longer, till 5 min., but not to overdo to avoid surprises.

Bought new shampoo? For the first time use it with care, check how hair will react to it.
Simultaneous application of two or three color options the ottenochnykh of means is allowed to allocate separate locks or to create juicy combinations.


Look after tinted hair the same as for painted — use specialized shampoos, balms and masks. At a choice of the last of options it is worth stopping on cosmetics without oil which aggressively influences dye.

Passion to changes

Toning — a fine way to refresh and diversify a shade, without resorting to radical methods. Supporters of procedure estimated it for opportunity to change image when you wish, without harm for health of hair.