How to dye a long hair in house conditions – recommendations and a professional advice

How to dye a long hair in house conditions? A magnificent long head of hear – pride of the woman and her ornament. Primary coloring. Process of primary coloring differs from coloring of roots a little.

Many girls like to change images by means of coloring. It is quite convenient as doesn’t take a lot of time, it is favorable and safe if to use qualitative production. Beauty shops offer various options: here to you and an ombra, both bilage, and desvencijado, and there are a lot of other types. Only the professional master can execute difficult technicians, you shouldn’t even try to repeat it independently. And here to give to ringlets the new shade on all length – is much simpler.

We will consider how independently to dye a long hair, what conditions are necessary for receiving desirable result and how to look after the painted locks.

Choice of means

How to dye a long hair in house conditions – recommendations and a professional advice Right choice of dye – an important point if you decided to change an image of the house. There are resistant means with ammonia which aren’t washed away about two months, there are semi-permanent dyes giving a saturated and bright shade till 4-6 weeks. Those who wants to experiment only with image, will approach tonic. It completely descends through 6-8 bathing procedures.

One more important point – a choice of an oxidizer which influences extent of clarification. In paints a massmarket it standard is also on sale in a set with all other components. If you give preference to this production, be ready that the shade will turn out not such, as on the picture. Producers always warn about a divergence of flowers in the instruction.

Professional tools, such as “Matriks”, “Igora”, “Kapus”, etc., let out separately dyes and developers. It is possible to choose the following oxides:

  • from 1.5 to 3% – paint to match;
  • 6% – clarify on 2 tones;
  • 9% – clarify on 3-4 tones;
  • 12% – give the maximum clarification.

In house conditions higher than 6% aren’t recommended to use oxidizers. They quite aggressively affect ringlets and at non-compliance at least with one rule, it is possible to damage a head of hear strongly.

It is important to use oxide of the same firm and a series, as paint, so you is guaranteed receive the necessary color.

In salons professionals experiment mixing the raznoprotsentnykh of developers of one brand for receiving new shades, but is independent it you shouldn’t do, without specific knowledge it is difficult to foresee as the pigment will be shown.

How to dye a long hair in house conditions?

How to dye a long hair in house conditions – recommendations and a professional advice Magnificent long head of hear – pride of the woman and her ornament. If you decided to experiment image of the house, the main task consists in to injuring ringlets. For this purpose it is necessary to use the sparing paints from the checked producers and accurately to follow recommendations of experts.

We will consider step by step the scheme of carrying out all procedure that you could receive a uniform and beautiful shade.


Long-haired beauties won’t have one tube of paint, it is best of all to take at once two if primary coloring on all length is necessary to you. For refreshing of roots it is enough also one packing as length already shouldn’t be studied.

Except the standard set consisting of an oxidizer and a pigment we need the following stock:

  • plastic, glass or porcelain capacity for paint cultivation – no metal subjects can be used when coloring as molecules of metal enter chemical reaction with oxide, and color can be shown is unpredictable;
  • the brush for drawing structure – is best of all if it is professional;
  • wooden or plastic comb with rare teeth;
  • clips for hair;
  • polyethylene or rubber gloves;
  • cape for protection of shoulders or an old t-shirt which won’t be a pity for throwing out in case of dye hit;
  • vaseline or fat cream for processing of skin.


How to dye a long hair in house conditions – recommendations and a professional advice You shouldn’t wash hair before coloring within 1-2 days. It is necessary for formation of a protective film on ringlets and head skin. It will prevent negative impact of chemical components. Further attentively we study the instruction, in it time of keeping of structure and a proportion in which it is necessary to mix oxide with dye is specified.

Well we comb a head of hear, it has to be ideally equal. If you want to receive more saturated shade, it is possible to spray slightly locks water, but you don’t kill them completely, differently the pigment won’t undertake.

Process leather through growth of hair and ears cream or vaseline, it will be so simpler to wash dye. Put on rubber gloves and a cape shoulders.

Primary coloring

Process of primary coloring differs from coloring of roots a little. It is necessary to consider important nuance: tips of long ringlets are lighter, than the middle and roots. They need to be processed the conditioner to slow down process of embedding of a pigment, so tone will be distributed evenly and will be identical on all length. After that we dissolve dye according to the instruction and we start the procedure.

We carry out step by step following actions:

  1. How to dye a long hair in house conditions – recommendations and a professional adviceWe divide by means of a comb all hair into 4 zones. For this purpose we do a hair parting from the middle of a forehead to the middle of a nape, and from one ear to another. We fix locks clips.
  2. We start putting structure from an occipital zone, moving ahead from roots to tips. Further we process a parietal zone and only after that – temporal.
  3. We distribute the remained paint the massage movements closer to roots and we comb ringlets on all length at once fingers, and then a comb with small teeths for uniform drawing structure.
  4. We maintain dye so much time, how many is specified in the instruction. If the structure is washed away earlier, the pigment can unevenly be shown if more long – locks suffer from action of chemical components.
  5. We wash away paint special shampoo.
  6. We apply the conditioner which goes in a set if that isn’t present on ringlets, we use special means for a dyed hair.
  7. We allow a head of hear to dry in the natural way.

Secondary coloring

Performance of procedure for duration borrows as much, how many and primary coloring. The difference is that it is necessary to maintain structure the main part of time on roots.

If every time to process ringlets on all length, in the near future they will lose the elasticity and elasticity, will become dim, and instead of a beautiful hairdress you receive a straw shock on the head.

How to dye a long hair in house conditions – recommendations and a professional advice We prepare for coloring according to the standard scheme. We apply structure only on roots, without mentioning the sites processed earlier. We stand him according to the instruction, but in 5-7 minutes prior to washing off well we comb ringlets from roots on all length. It is necessary for transition smoothing. After procedure we process a head of hear balm and we dry without use of the hair dryer.

If you need to paint over a gray hair, time of keeping of structure can be prolonged for 10 minutes. However you shouldn’t apply such trick during the work with the professional dyes intended especially for a gray hair covering.

Recommendations of experts

Before to itself to dye a thick and long hair, be convinced that the endurance and patience will be enough for you for this purpose. Extremely difficult to make it without assistance, professionals assure. The matter is that it is necessary to put structure as fast as possible that the pigment was evenly distributed on all length. Otherwise, instead of uniform color it is possible to receive unattractive spots.

Only girls who already have a certain experience in coloring can cope with long ringlets. If you decided to experiment for the first time with image change, address to salon or for the help to girlfriends better.

Stylists recommend to conform to such rules:

  • to use only the qualitative and certified paints;
  • not to apply means which had an expiration date, they can injure ringlets and give them an unpredictable shade;
  • not to mix independently tone if you have no knowledge of coloring area, addition of this or that pigment can cardinally change basic color;
  • How to dye a long hair in house conditions – recommendations and a professional advicenot to use one tube of paint after opening even if it remained with you from last coloring, after all chemical components enter reaction with air;
  • surely do the test for an allergy, for this purpose apply structure on small area behind an ear and wait two days if no negative reactions are present, it is possible to start procedure;
  • not to use in addition warmly if it isn’t specified in the instruction, the majority of modern dyes are maintained in the open air that prevents traumatizing ringlets;
  • not to paint the weak and injured hair, before change of image they need to be restored;
  • not to combine coloring with a chemical wave, it will turn even the most magnificent head of hear into a wire lump.


Photos, widespread in the Internet, and video of girls who painted themselves, confirm that the result can be not always such as it would be desirable. One complain that color quickly is washed away and becomes dim, at others after procedure ringlets are strongly injured.

Such unpleasant consequences are really possible. A lot of things depend on the dye and process of its drawing, but the main reason for not contents – the wrong leaving.

The painted head of hear demands the special relation therefore it is necessary to follow the following rules:

  1. How to dye a long hair in house conditions – recommendations and a professional adviceWe use only special shampoos and a dyed hair balms – they contain optimum quantity of the nutritious and moistening components, and also the substances preventing loss of a bright shade.
  2. Regularly we apply nutritious masks, they can be both purchased, and self-made.
  3. We protect hair from negative impact of ultraviolet rays and cold, for this purpose we use special cosmetics or we hide a head of hear under a headdress.
  4. Regularly we shear split ends that damages didn’t extend on all length.
  5. We avoid visit of pools, the chlorinated water is included into chemical reaction with a pigment and can change it.
  6. We minimize use of the hair dryer, irons and tweezers for a wave if it is impossible to do without these devices, we use means for thermoprotection.
  7. We carry out coloring procedure no more once a month not to injure hair.

We will sum up the results

House coloring of long hair – quite difficult procedure. If you decided to try out as the stylist, you remember that a main goal is preservation of health of a head of hear and head skin.

How to dye a long hair in house conditions – recommendations and a professional advice Not to do much harm to itself, use the sparing dyes and oxidizers with low percent, it is also possible to replace chemical compositions with natural henna and basmy.

Attentively read instructions and accurately follow them, amateur performance can lead to unexpected and not really pleasant consequences. After change of an image don’t forget that your locks need permanent careful care. Following to these simple recommendations will help to keep for a long time health of ringlets and a saturation of a shade.

Author of article: Dasha Pashchenko

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