How to dissolve henna for the correct coloring of hair

How to dissolve henna for painting of hair correctly. Now it is necessary to put a teapot with water on fire and to secure against coloring a head skin zone on perimeter of roots, having oiled fat cream or vegetable.

Henna is considered the first cosmetic on care of a body and hair. The plant a henna, namely so is called known henna, possesses a number of interesting and curative properties and is used in various spheres. In medicine it is considered as an excellent anti-septic tank, the cosmetology applies means to strengthening of nails, hairdressers are attracted by safe coloring of locks, and perfumers allocate an aromatic component for spirits. It even use for a temporary natural permanent make-up. But now we will take a subject of painting and treatment of ringlets, we will prompt how to dissolve henna for hair in the best way.


Bases of preparation for painting procedure

The painting result received in a mirror directly depends on how to part means. There are two options of preparation of mix therefore we will start considering slowly and one after another all smallest details. Prepare all most necessary:

  1. Henna powder; How to dissolve henna for the correct coloring of hair
  2. Hot water or lemon juice at the choice of the recipe;
  3. Surely porcelain or glass plate and brush;
  4. Protective gloves;
  5. Children’s cream or oil;
  6. Towel;
  7. Plastic clips or krabik.

Now we will decide on amount of necessary powder for various length of hair:

When hair strongly differ in splendor and density or you on the basis of personal experience doubt that contents of a plate will be enough for one procedure, add 20-30 g of powder. It is better to grease generously locks, than to pray that was enough for “dry spreading”. Such economy won’t lead to desirable result.

Now it is necessary to put a teapot with water on fire and to secure against coloring a head skin zone on perimeter of roots, having oiled fat cream or vegetable. It isn’t obligatory to wait so far the teapot will begin to boil and will whistle. Why? We read further …

As it is correct to part

On each bag the method of application is painted. But what to do if the bag crossed not one border of the country and dazzles with unclear hieroglyphs and unfamiliar badges? In that case how to prepare henna not to spoil and to wait for a new parcel? We give the detailed instruction on a survival in foreign conditions.

  • Accurately we open a bag and we pour out contents in the necessary quantity in glasswares. We mix if when transporting lumps were formed.
  • At the classical recipe on 100 g of powder to take 300 ml of hot water within 80-90 degrees. We pour a thin stream in water, and by no means not on the contrary because lumps which can’t be broken up to the end are inevitably formed.

Strict temperature is caused by that cool boiled water reduces efficiency, why the end result will differ only on a half of the possible. Plus similar-degree range allows to allocate to the maximum the painting pigment in paint.

  • At the sour recipe on 100 g of powder we take 300 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice or preserved from shop. At sensitivity of head skin the lemon can be replaced with juice of grapefruit, orange or at all infusion of herbal tea with the squeezed-out sourness of one circle of a lemon. We part with the chosen juice and we leave dye at the room temperature for night time, or we insist 2 hours at a temperature of 35 degrees. Just before coloring mix is diluted with the same liquid to necessary density.

“Sour gas station” influences brightness and a saturation. According to such recipe more release of the dye which is ideally connecting to a natural pigment turns out.

  • The consistence has to remind dense sour cream which nevertheless is capable to fall from a spoon. Too liquid paint will run away from locks, and dense dzhemovy weight will dry, without having managed to work. Therefore accurately vary texture and you don’t hurry to pour at once in all liquid. How to dissolve henna for the correct coloring of hair
  • We grease skin of a radical zone with cream, we protect a neck and shoulders a towel, and hands gloves. What for? Because at carelessness you paint a body with skillful blots under Mekhendi’s name and you will be compelled to carry a tattoo some time.
  • The principle is similar to use of ordinary paint, and for convenience hair can be divided clips into locks. Warm mix is applied with a brush, evenly distributed, but process shouldn’t be dragged out, differently everything will cool down and will dry, without having transferred the painting pigment. For the same reason we roll up the head a film and we wrap up with a towel.
  • Hold time depends on initial and desirable color and begins from 15 minutes, and comes to an end with one and a half hours. It is also possible to pull out a small lock, to wash out and estimate result.
  1. The light brown-haired person – 10-15 minutes; How to dissolve henna for the correct coloring of hair
  2. The brown-haired person – 20-25;
  3. The dark brown-haired person or light chestnut – 30-40;
  4. Dark chestnut – 40-45;
  5. The black – 60-90 minutes.
  • When time expires, it is necessary to wash out hair water as it is possible more carefully to the last mote of means. It is possible to use the conditioner which too will help to wash up the mix remains in addition. It is necessary to refrain from oil and sour-milk masks, and also from washing of the head shampoo in the next 3 days.

Everything is ready – we admire and enjoy.