How to correct unsuccessful clarification of hair: the hair burned or break what to do if they drop out, fall off what to do

It is better to foreknow what to do if spoiled hair and how to correct unsuccessful decolouration. Ambulance at unsuccessful coloring of hair. How quickly to restore the injured hair.

Aspiration to clarify hair quite naturally for women. Many wish to catch magic appeal of the bright blonde. Thus only in rare instances it turns out to execute such manipulation without side effects. The various procedures connected with loss by ringlets of color harmful affect their state. To help a head of hear to return a healthy look — a paramount task of any newly made blonde. It is better to foreknow what to do if spoiled hair and how to correct unsuccessful decolouration.

As clarification influences ringlets

How to correct unsuccessful clarification of hair: the hair burned or break what to do if they drop out, fall off what to do Depending on the initial condition of locks used during dye procedure, the damage rate can be different. The ringlets which transferred clarification can become:

  • the rigid;
  • the porous;
  • the dim;
  • the fragile;
  • the thin;
  • the dry.

The burned hair after decolouration strongly are electrified, look as straw, are inclined to an oblamyvaniye, fall off sometimes even the whole bunches. Often, the clarified ladies, compare the head of hear to artificial tow with which supply the heads of dolls. The overdried ringlets reluctantly perceive any influence. Hair after decolouration are exhausted, dehydrated. Lack of a pigment does a hair empty, excessively easy.

Important! As a result of clarification the structure is broken. This circumstance not only speaks about lack of a pigment, but also change of other major qualities: forms, elasticity. Therefore hair after decolouration differ in an unruliness, locks split, stick out in different directions, are unnaturally twisted, confused.

Care of the painted ringlets

The head of hear damaged by clarification demands the special relation. The daily care has to provide with necessary clarification, food, moistening thus most carefully influencing locks. To provide the sparing leaving it is necessary:

  1. To refuse thermal impact on ringlets (drying by the hair dryer, laying by nippers, straightening, influence of weather conditions). If full restriction of operation of temperature devices is impossible it is necessary to reduce intensity of heating at least. Along with it to limit use of means of fixing of a hairdress.
  2. To reconsider the tools used in leaving. Hairbrushes with a natural bristle which won’t electrify, pull, break already weakened locks are recommended.
  3. To use shampoo of deep cleaning no more than 1 time in 1–2 weeks, in the rest of the time soft means are admissible, it is better on a bessulfatny basis.
  4. It is obligatory to take intensive leaving for the rule. The food, moistening directed on restoration, maintenance of health of ringlets. Means have to smooth the opened scales, sate a hair, but not make heavier it. Regular use of balms, masks, sprays, thermoprotection, fluids and other cosmetic preparations will provide due leaving. Existence of a mark on means “for a dyed hair”, and also structure on the basis of natural components, including keratins, proteins will be priority.
  5. When spoiled hair it is desirable to carry out a restoration complex: intensive saloon procedures, reception of vitamin preparations, medical cosmetics.
  6. To lead a healthy lifestyle: healthy nutrition, sufficient dream, absence of a stress.
  7. In due time to regulate length of a head of hear. It is better to shear the dried-up, split ends, than to try to restore. Is useless to try to return excessively burned head of hear to an original form. You shouldn’t feel sorry for length damage to beauty when hair break.

Following these recommendations about leaving, the head of hear in the shortest possible time will take a healthy, live form. Brilliant locks will please, but not to afflict with a sad lifeless face.

Care of hair in house conditions

It is independently possible to help a head of hear by means of intensive moistening, food with application of national recipes, cosmetics or medical preparations. It is best of all to make complex care of each group of means and to carry out therapy so far locks didn’t drop out.

House cosmetics

Natural oils will become fine option for recovery procedures. The options for a dry head of hear which aren’t influencing change of color will approach: burdock, olive, linen. It is better to refuse firm types of oils. They perfectly feed, but strongly make heavier, and also is problematic are washed away.

Council. It is possible to apply basic bases as an independent conditioning agent, and as a part of various masks. Besides, some drops can be added to industrial cosmetics for its enrichment. It concerns not only basic oils, but also radio.

How to correct unsuccessful clarification of hair: the hair burned or break what to do if they drop out, fall off what to do For intensive restoration when the spoiled hair after clarification disturb the following recipes will approach:

  • On the basis of gelatin: In a small amount of water place 1 h. a gelatin spoon, leave for 15 minutes to bulk up. Slightly warm up on a water bath continuously stirring slowly before full dissolution. Solution shouldn’t heat up strongly. Enter a crude egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of balm. Means is mixed carefully. On damp locks distribute the received weight, warm a film, a towel. After 1 hour the head of hear is washed out carefully without use of detergents, dried in the natural way.
  • Banana mask: Carefully mashed banana is connected to 1 crude egg yolk, 2 tablespoons of house yogurt, 1 h. spoon of any basic oil, 1 h. honey spoon. Everything is mixed carefully. Means is applied on dirty ringlets for 40–60 minutes. Wash away in the usual way, in end use balm, it is desirable to make rinsing by camomile infusion.
  • Kefiric wrapping: 500 g of kefir warm up to body temperature, put on all length, slightly mass radical area, warm a film, a towel. After 40–60 minutes well wash out ringlets warm water without use of detergents, dry in the natural way. Read in more detail about clarification of hair kefir.
  • Rinsing by a camomile: infusion of a camomile will allow to soften water, to support a light shade, to add gloss. Mint use is allowed. For preparation of means it is necessary to place 2 tablespoons of dry flowers in capacity from 200 ml of water, to bring to boiling, to remove from a plate, to wrap up with a towel, to insist 1 hour. Solution to filter, make the finishing rinsing. The camomile too clarifies hair a little.

Application of medical preparations

Pharmaceutical means: glycerin, vitamins, pantenol promote fast restoration of structure of ringlets. If locks after clarification break besides external treatment it is necessary to complete a course of reception of the corresponding preparations so far they didn’t fall off at all.

  • Mask with glycerin: The crude egg yolk is mixed with 2 tablespoons of basic oil, added on 1 h. to a spoon of glycerin, lemon juice, water. Carefully mix, distribute on all length of locks. In 30 minutes means is washed away in the usual way, dried in the natural way.
  • Mask with vitamin A: The crude egg yolk is mixed with 2 tablespoons of basic oil, add 2 tablespoons of honey, 4–5 capsules of vitamin A. The structure is mixed carefully, distributed on locks, including radical area. In 1 hour wash away in the usual way, dry in the natural way.
  • Vitamins A, In, E for moistening: The oil base is sated with vitamins A, B6, E (on 1 ampoule of everyone). It is possible to add to structure 1 h. a lemon juice spoon for maintenance of a light shade of hair. The received means is distributed on locks, warmed, maintained on a head of hear 1–2 hours, washed away in the usual way. The recipe can be added dimeksidy, but to it contraindications are possible.
  • Nutritious structure: Connect on 1 tablespoon of honey, aloe juice, add a crude egg yolk. Means is enriched with vitamins C, B1, B6 (on 1 ampoule of everyone). Distribute on locks, maintain 1 hour, wash away in the usual way.
  • There are special ampulny complexes suitable for treatment if hair drop out: Structur fort, Dikson Polipant Complex, OlioMinneralizante Selective, Timulactine 21, System 4 Climbazone Therapeutic oil Cure, CH5 plus.

Finished cosmetic products

Many cosmetic companies develop special series for care of the injured, weakened, dyed hair. It is possible to pick up suitable means for care of the clarified head of hear. Here some most popular:

  • Estel Otium Miracle;
  • Avalon Organics;
  • L’Oreal Kerastase;
  • Alerana;
  • MoltoBene;
  • Utena.

Application of means of these firms according to consumers allow to solve most effectively the main problems arising after clarification.

Professional procedures for restoration

How to correct unsuccessful clarification of hair: the hair burned or break what to do if they drop out, fall off what to do Any beauty shop provides the main procedures allowing to restore quickly the ringlets injured by clarification. Enter their number:

Pay attention, each procedure provides leaving after which ringlets become soft, brilliant, are sated with useful substances, get the additional volume, protection against external influences. The effect is noticeable at once, keeps long enough.

Each procedure is directed on the solution of the whole complex of problems, the help to victims of decolouration to locks one of them.

Damage of a head of hear after decolouration is the main problem demanding the immediate decision. To restore health, attractive appearance of ringlets in power to any, clarified beauty. Providing to the head of hear complex care, it is possible to achieve desirable result in the shortest possible time.

For fast and high-quality improvement of a condition of hair professionals recommend:

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