Painting of hair folk remedies in house conditions

Painting of hair folk remedies does the smallest harm to a head of hear. From frequent coloring hair are exhausted and lose healthy appearance. Women have a dependence on a certain paint.

Painting of hair folk remedies does the smallest harm to a head of hear. How producers assured, but even expensive paints contain harmful chemicals. From frequent coloring hair are exhausted and lose healthy appearance. Women have a dependence on a certain paint. After it for several weeks hair look healthy and well-groomed.

Painting of hair folk remedies in house conditions

Natural structures for giving of natural color

Folk remedies aren’t less popular presently, than 20 or 30 years ago. The main reason that the head of hear isn’t exposed to any harmful effects. The well familiar are distinguished from various natural structures for painting of a head of hear:

  1. Henna;
  2. Basma;
  3. Coffee;
  4. Onions peel;
  5. Lemon.

It is necessary to choose a folk remedy for painting depending on what color you want to receive.

Henna — the plant growing in east part of Asia. To Russia bring generally from Iran and India. The plant is dried up and overworked in small greenish-brown powder. Natural henna is used for painting ringlets in chestnut colors. The result depends on individual pigmentation:

  • Blondes — bright red, juicy color;
  • Brown-haired women — saturated chestnut;
  • Brunettes — dark-chestnut.

It is possible to find bags with colourless henna which is used for medical masks by people with light shades of hair in shops. The Iranian henna will give to hair deep and resistant color and in addition revitalizes them. The price in retail network from 1 USD

Painting of hair folk remedies in house conditions

Basma — is powder which is received from the crushed plant by indigofer. Powder has olive-brown color. To Russia gets, just as henna, from east countries. Only owners of dark pigmentation as it paints a head of hear in black color use a basma for painting. If people with light ringlets decide to use basmy, hair will get a greenish shade. It will be difficult to remove color.

The natural basma treats curls and sates them with microcells. Locks become elastic and dense. The price of a bag is from 1 USD

Coffee — not only pleasant drink. The crushed grains of the natural fried coffee paint hair in chocolate shades. For painting use only grains of dark roast. Natural means isn’t suitable for owners of black locks, their coffee won’t paint over. The result depends on initial color of ringlets:

  1. Blondes — milk chocolate;
  2. Brown-haired women — bitter – chocolate.

Grains are rich with caffeine which will saturate hair and will add them gloss. It isn’t necessary to use this structure to people with a dry and brittle hair. Color will be rough. The most inexpensive natural coffee will be suitable for painting. The price of a bag is 100 g of grains from 3 USD

The onions peel — will give to light brown and fair-haired locks a honey shade. Not the peel, but infusion from it is applied. For this purpose 100 g of a peel fill in 150 g of cool boiled water and insist 3 hours. The more long to set broth, the color will be more dark and more dense. Ready means is filtered and applied on clean hair for 2 hours. From pluses of onions coloring the price is allocated — it is possible to gather a peel free of charge in any vegetable market. From minuses — juicy color infusion won’t give, the head will smell as onions.

Lemon — a citrus which contains not only a large amount of vitamin C, but also acid. If to apply lemon juice on light ringlets and to come to the open sun, hair will get a light shade. Painting will remind the ringlets which slightly burned out on the sun. But before use it is worth examining contraindications:

  • Some people have an individual intolerance of vitamin C;
  • At long contact with skin can provoke reddening and an itch. Juice can be applied only on hair on length, without mentioning roots and head skin.

The lemon dries locks therefore if you have fragile ringlets and sick, we don’t recommend to use juice for decolouration.

National recipes from our grandmothers

For convenience of readers we will give examples of folk remedies for coloring of ringlets in various shades.

The dark-chestnut

Painting of hair folk remedies in house conditions For preparation of means it is necessary to take: 1 parts of henna, 1 part of the processed coffee. To fill in structure with cool boiled water to a kasheobrazny state, it is good to mix and allow to cool down to 35 degrees. Consider that henna well absorbs water therefore originally means has to it will turn out thinnish. To apply on locks on all length and to close a cellophane package. To leave for 1,5 hours and carefully to wash away water. It isn’t recommended to wash with shampoo at once the head. If to keep structure more long, color to turn out nasyshchenny more darkly.

The light brown

For receiving structure it is necessary to take the coffee (processed) 3 tablespoons. To fill in it 100 g of boiled water and to insist. It is applied on hair and it is closed by cellophane and a warm hat. It is necessary to hold means 1 hour. To wash away water, to dry hair.
Light brown natural paint will take only owners of fair-haired and light locks.

Dark chocolate

For preparation of a known folk remedy it is necessary to mix: 2 spoons of a basma, 2 spoons of henna, 1 spoon of coffee. To fill in mix with the boiling water and it is good to mix. The structure needs to be cooled to 35–37 degrees and to apply on hair on all length. From above to cover with a cellophane hat and to wrap up a towel. Coloring time 1–2 hours. After that to wash away and dry the head.

Application of an onions peel

Onions surely will be in each house. The way of coloring is known for a peel for a long time. The onions peel needs to be filled in with boiled water and to insist 1 hour. To apply structure on hair and to close cellophane. It is worth holding paint 1,5 hours, to wash away and dry. Honey painting at brunettes and owners of chestnut-colored hair won’t turn out.
That the structure didn’t flow down from hair it is possible to add a starch teaspoon to onions 1 infusion. The structure will be more dense.

All components contain a large amount of useful vitamins and microcells, are suitable for preparation of national masks. They help to keep elasticity of hair, to improve their structure and to strengthen roots.

Any paint from natural components before drawing needs to be tested on allergen. For this purpose it is necessary to take a little ready means, and to apply on the wrist back. To wait about 10-15 minutes. If reddening and an itch didn’t appear, it is possible to use safely structure for painting of the head.

To use natural means — means to painting of hair, to care about health of ringlets. Our grandmothers till an old age had a long and thick hair thanks to national recipes. And modern expensive paints need to be used as seldom as possible.