Red highlighting of hair. Fashionable red locks in hair

The technology of such coloring of locks came from the United States of America. The American or red highlighting was created for owners of dark or chestnut-colored flowers of hair.

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Girls want to look stylishly and attractively at any age therefore many are solved on desperate decisions — an unusual hairstyle or a bright hair color. But it is possible not to take extreme measures, and it is simple to use red highlighting.


Naturally classical combination of red color to the black. Red color — is color of passion and love. Shades red great variety: rose, scarlet, Bordeaux, scarlet wine and other.

Experts recommend to carry out highlighting in beauty shops where professionals quickly, accurately and without harm to hair will carry out highlighting procedure. The technology of such coloring of locks came from the United States of America. The American or red highlighting was created for owners of dark or chestnut-colored flowers of hair. The simple, but effective technology of painting was met by standing ovations of a fine half of mankind.

Coloring of the house

Red highlighting of hair. Fashionable red locks in hair

Red highlighting — is a mix the technician on coloring which distinctive feature is application of color shades and actually a method of causing color. Their similarity in ability of creation of the bewitching gloss on locks. No more than two shades take part in classical option, and in red on hair start playing colors, the hairdress becomes more volume and brighter, the image gains expressiveness and uniqueness.

Such equipment doesn’t limit itself to a certain numerical equivalent. The colors are more various, the hair look more effectively.


  • the Californian;
  • the scarlet;
  • “mad” colors.

The Californian

Red highlighting of hair. Fashionable red locks in hair

Such equipment is very similar on appearance to one more fashionable coloring — a brondirovaniye. The effect of the hair which burned out in a sunny day which are painted by an extension (gradient) is recreated: at roots dark hair gradually pass to the clarified tips.

Coloring of ringlets takes place without use of the bored foil and have a common ground with the remained length of hair. It becomes for this purpose that color was uniform, smoothly passing into other shades. In difference from others the technician of coloring in American the Californian can be applied and to a fair hair.

Californian highlighting


Initially the equipment of America was called “scarlet” because orange and scarlet colors of a palette were used. At a reconstruction scarlet the melirovannykh of locks, coloring passes by a classics example, but lightening happens to a certain period. After all manipulations there is a monophonic toning. Ringlets become multi-colored thanks to time difference when putting dye.


People whom can’t simply do without attention, extravagant, creative ladies resort to a way of highlighting of Crazy Colors. The separate lock undertakes and is painted in the ordinary way, then there is a color in bright shades: roses, violets, greens. Locks by rules are painted on a face contour.

It is possible to mix not only related shades, but also absolutely extravagant. For example with green, white, blue and even the yellow.

Technology of creation of highlighting in American

Red highlighting of hair. Fashionable red locks in hair

There is enough four shades similar on relationship also are applied on ringlets serially. Here the foil which usually has different colors is already applied. That the master didn’t get confused in color scale.


  1. The stage first — is applied primary color on occipital part and closed by a foil of a certain color. The lowermost lock of a temporal zone separates and the main option of tone is put and also muffles in a foil. The same procedure is made and with other part of a temple. Serially locks on a temple one by one separate and become covered with dyes, alternate with primary color. Are besides closed by multi-colored slices of a foil.
  2. All dyes once are applied and then the sequence repeats, the foil settles down under an inclination and the movement of coloring goes towards the top.
  3. At achievement of the top, moves on other temporal part and steps repeat. Upon termination of coloring of lateral zones, locks at first on one part of the top of the head are painted, all palette beginning with the basic is applied. The movement goes from front area to the top. Time after which the foil is consistently cleaned is noted, since the most dark shade and dye from locks is washed away.
  4. After everything hair are rinsed with a security measure of color.

However for this purpose that scarlet locks undertook on black hair it is necessary to lighten future scarlet ringlets. Otherwise no result will exist and time with finance will be spent for nothing. Thanks to coloring in such shades a peculiar highlight is brought in the ordinary and bored color. It is worth remembering that in difference from black and white flowers, scarlet highlighting has one unpleasant feature. It is very quickly washed away. At the started option color turns out red.

Any coloring, whether it be highlighting or removal of hair in one tone always spoil hair. At insufficient experience in house conditions it is impossible to carry out these types of procedures. Otherwise there can be an option of an ostriganiye of spoiled hair.

After salon with a new fashionable hairdress it is recommended to go at once to shop and to buy special shampoos and conditioners for colored hair. There will be thus a feed of hair and at the same time preservation of color.

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