Hair toner: ottenochny means and responses

However repeated hair-dyeing is harmful. In such cases experts advise to use means of soft action – hair toner. It provides short-term coloring therefore so many time allows girls to change, how many they want.

The girls who are following the fashion and seeking to look unusual, frequent always should experiment a hairdress. However repeated hair-dyeing is harmful. In such cases experts advise to use means of soft action – hair toner. It provides short-term coloring therefore so many time allows girls to change, how many they want.

What is the tonic

Means represents the special cosmetic structure changing a shade of locks without penetration inherent in usual paints into their structure. Tonics envelop a hair quickly washing away colored film. Some consider that paint provides the same effect, but has a clear advantage, thanks to the firmness, however it not so. To understand a difference, it is necessary to know that such toning and in what usual painting consists.

Painting by resistant means is a chemical process at which the pigment gets in a hair. Procedure of toning provides use of unstable paints. Thereof dye remains on a surface of hair. Thanks to tonic it is possible to change a shade of locks or to give to natural color of brightness. Qualitative means has no as a part of ammonia type oxidizers. Thanks to the sparing structure the structure of hair remains intact after toning, unlike coloring procedure by usual paint.

Advantages are:

  • harmlessness for tips of hair (after usual painting they become whipped);
  • opportunity to change tone often;
  • acquisition by gloss locks after application;
  • profitability (there is no need to buy expensive restoring masks after coloring);
  • simple instruction of application;
  • the moistening effect.

Types of tonics for hair

Almost all tonirovochny means are rich with color scale. Enter a range black, blue, amethyst, an eggplant, beige, white, turquoise, gold, pearls, plum, malachite, a nut, others. Besides, tonics differ in degree of firmness and structure. As a rule, the painting means share on three categories: coloring shampoos, paints and the tinting balms. The first are ideally suited for blondes and girls with light brown hair. The last intend to brunettes. Paints are considered as more universal.

Coloring shampoo

Hair toner: ottenochny means and responses

Professional coloring shampoo for blondes doesn’t contain any oxidizers, even ammonia. Means shrouds hair in a nutritious film which gives them the necessary shade. How to use coloring shampoo? At first the lock should moisten with water and to get wet with a towel. Before putting shampoo it is better to put on gloves not to paint a hand. It is necessary to put with the rubbing movements ottenochny means on all length of hair: from roots to tips.

Tonic has to remain on locks from 5 to 15 min., depending on the expected effect. Coloring shampoo with effect of lamination keeps on the head exactly so much, how many is specified in the instruction. If you want to achieve the maximum clarification, wait more long then wash away means. The described procedure should be repeated twice. The method of application of coloring shampoos of different producers can differ a little therefore surely it is worth studying the enclosed instruction.

How many color keeps? Coloring shampoos can’t cardinally change tone of hair, besides, the new shade is washed away with each washing of hair. As a rule, the effect remains on 4-6 procedures for washing of the head. It is forbidden to use coloring shampoo if recently the wave was made, decolouration of hair is carried out or the Indian henna is used. Ignoring this rule, the girl instead of the expected ashy shade will receive locks with green or blue outflow.

The tinting balm

Hair toner: ottenochny means and responses

The structure carefully paints locks and creates on them the film protecting from ultraviolet rays. Tonic ottenochny for hair contains only components of soft action. Ottenochny balm differs from usual in that includes the special painting pigments in structure. They also give to locks desirable tone. The result of such coloring is short-lived, natural color comes back through some procedures of washing of the head.

Means of any producer has the instruction describing rules of use of the tinting balm. However quite often in the management some essentially important points are missed. Tonic should be applied on the clean, slightly moistened with water hair. It is necessary to hold means on ringlets 10-30 min., and it is worth putting on a polyethylene hat or a usual cellophane package the head. Girls with dark locks can prolong procedure time for 10 min. to achieve the brightest shade.

When the waiting time comes to the end, tonic needs to be washed away from hair. Carefully wash out locks under flowing water until the liquid which is flowing down on hair becomes transparent. It is impossible to wash away tonic usual shampoo as it will at once wash away the acquired color. Dry hair the hair dryer to see effect. If it isn’t pleasant to you, once again wash the head, using usual shampoo – the new shade will leave.


Hair toner: ottenochny means and responses

Unlike usual, the tinting paint doesn’t contain ammonia which opens scales and intensifies chemical reaction in hair. Ottenochny means works at the expense of small percent of an oxidizer. How to dye hair tonic correctly:

  1. Means is applied on the washed-up, slightly damp locks.
  2. Pigments are instantly fixed on hair and provide coloring.
  3. During procedure it should be taken into account that zones which were processed the first, will be painted more intensively.
  4. Tonirovochny paint is held on hair of 15-30 min. then wash away water.

The effect of toning remains for 2-3 weeks, and many girls note simplification of combing and hair dressing after procedure. As well as any other coloring, toning has the pronounced pluses and minuses. Advantage of procedure is the sparing action for hair, shortcomings – the effect keeps not for long, and paint doesn’t paint over gray-haired locks.

The tinting means

Hair toner: ottenochny means and responses

The modern market represents a huge choice of cosmetics for the sparing coloring of ringlets. The most popular of them are intended for hair of blond color to relieve girls of hated yellowness of locks. To receive a cold shade of nacre, or, on the contrary, outflow of warm amber perhaps. Simply use a fair hair toners. Brunettes can choose more courageous shades: Bordeaux, violet, bluish-black. To be defined, what means is better, consider production of the most popular brands to which number the following belongs.

Estel. The love of customers thanks to the structure deserved. Hair toner doesn’t contain peroxide of hydrogen and ammonia therefore doesn’t harm to ringlets. After coloring of a lock gain softness and silkiness as Estelle’s means has properties, similar to balm. Tonic contains the keratin complex and natural components which are carefully looking after locks. The color palette of hair of Estelle is presented by 18 shades, including such:

  • cinnamon;
  • the silvery-ashy;
  • cognac;
  • pomegranate;
  • Burgundian;
  • gold nut, others.

Palette. The main advantage of a series is ease of use of tonics. They are easily put and distributed on locks. Means from Palett with ease eliminate the yellow outflow which is often found at girls after highlighting. Such effect is reached thanks to the content in tonics of the silver pigment doing more brightly a cold color of hair. Tonirovochny balms contain the moistening substances preventing drying of ringlets when coloring. The Palette palette includes colors:

  • chestnut;
  • chocolate;
  • dark cherry;
  • gold blonde;
  • the bluish-black;
  • ruby, others.

Schwarzkopf. It is possible to get Ottenochny tonics of this firm in any cosmetic shop. A professional series Shvartskopf bonakur is developed especially for effective painting of a gray hair. Are a part of shampoos violet and the blue painting components. Tonics contain natural extracts of plants thanks to which hair eat intensively and moistened during coloring. Means of Schwarzkopf are washed away only later 6-8 procedures of washing of the head. The producer presented a huge range of shades:

  • ekstrasvetly rubio;
  • the black;
  • the golden;
  • the beige;
  • the red;
  • the violet;
  • the red;
  • copper, others.

Toning of hair of Irid. Doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide – exclusively natural components. Thanks to it the structure of hair remains intact. Irid’s tonics perfectly paint over a gray hair and the grown roots. A series is presented by two types of shampoos: “classic” and “luxury”. The first is unicomponent means which provides long coloring of locks and cleans a yellow shade. The second includes a special complex of components and feeds hair constantly while color keeps. The company offers girls such shades:

  • red wine;
  • the platinum;
  • blackberry;
  • pink pearls;
  • flickering amber;
  • forest raspberry, others.

Loreal. Careful tonics help to reach saturated, resistant color. Ottenochny tonic Loreal differs in “accumulative” effect and is capable to neutralize the remains of oxides on locks. Shampoo well influences hair at its use in a complex with nutritious balms of the same brand. Loreal mineral complexes and vitamin supplements contain tonic. It is presented in six basic flowers:

  • mahogany;
  • the copper;
  • the beige;
  • the light-golden;
  • the brown;
  • the copper-golden.

Tonic Rokolor. Responses testify to firmness of a shade and improvement of a condition of hair after application of the painting means. Rocolor balm consists of the sparing pigments and natural vegetable components. Tonic prevents a hair loss that often it happens when coloring by usual paints. Color keeps at least during 5 washings of the head. The palette includes:

  • the pearl-ashy;
  • the smoky-pink;
  • red amber;
  • graphite;
  • Cuban point;
  • Mocha;
  • cold vanilla, B’day.

Wella. Coloring shampoos are presented by two lines: Color Recharge and Lifetex Colour Protection. The first is ideally suited for blondes as cleans yellowness and refreshes tone of locks. Color Recharge tonics differ in ability to level color of locks, supporting balance of pigments. After application of the dyeing means hair gain softness and become obedient. Lifetex Colour Protection does natural color brighter and deep. The palette Conducted contains shades:

  • warm rubio;
  • cold rubio;
  • the brown;
  • red, B’day.

Concept. Ottenochny tonic does natural color of ringlets saturated and bright, updating tone of the painted locks. The Concept is a part of an emulsion castor oil thanks to what there is an intensive moistening and hydrolipidic balance of head skin is supported at the normal level. Concept blond tonic perfectly fights against yellowness – a widespread problem of blondes. Shampoos are intended for 5 basic tones:

  • for the copper;
  • for the black;
  • for the fair-haired;
  • for the red;
  • for the brown.

Londa. The professional line of tonics contains special reflecting parts which add to ringlets beautiful gloss. Intensive coloring gives depths to natural color, refreshing it. The soft formula of an emulsion sated with natural voska fills porous structure of hair, doing them is stronger and stronger. Responses say that Londa perfectly copes with a gray hair. The company lets out tonics of the following tones:

  • the violet-blue;
  • the golden and copper;
  • the intensive blue;
  • the nacreous-ashy;
  • intensive-brown, others.

Matrix. Has violet pigments thanks to what shampoo effectively neutralizes yellowness and undesirable red shades in structure. Besides, Matriks perfectly paints over a gray hair therefore it will be pleasant not only to young blondes, but also elderly women. Means carefully and evenly paints locks on all length, doing transition at roots imperceptible. The company represents such tone:

  • ashy blonde;
  • warm natural blonde;
  • golden blonde;
  • the brown and copper;
  • Mocha, others.

Notaton. Tonic of the Russian production contains a special component – bio – gold thanks to which there is a soft and careful coloring of locks. Notaton has no as a part of peroxide or ammonia, possesses triple action: feeds with vitamins, evenly paints, provides conditioning to ringlets. Color remains bright during 6-8 procedures of washing of the head. Notaton has such palette:

  • fiery dance;
  • the black;
  • the fair-haired;
  • pink tree;
  • pearl-ashy, others.

How to wash away tonic in house conditions

Hair toner: ottenochny means and responses

  1. Mask with burdock oil. To wash away tonic, 200 ml of burdock oil and as much lemon juice are required. Liquid is applied evenly on ringlets, put on a hat the head and washed away after 30-60 minutes. If the shade descended not completely, procedure repeat some days later.
  2. Kefiric mask. Removal of tonic requires usual kefir of average fat content. The product has to have room temperature. Apply it on locks and head skin. Having taken about an hour, wash away warm water with shampoo.
  3. Retonik’s means. How to wash away ottenochny balm of Tonic? In cosmetic shops along with tonics special means for removal of the acquired shade are on sale. Use Retonika strictly according to the instruction on a bottle.


Earlier the grown roots were a negligence sign, but modern fashionable stylists advise girls to paint only tips. Such equipment looks very brightly, stylishly, originally. By means of partial toning of locks any woman of fashion will be able independently to emphasize appearance. Test style change, without resorting to radical changes. Having watched video, you learn how to paint with tonic tips of locks.


Yulia, 22 years: I try to grow a dyed hair to receive a natural hair color. The grown roots look ugly therefore decided to level color of locks by means of ashy Tonics (I am a blonde). Very beautiful shade, without yellowness turned out.

Victoria, 19 years: Long ago it wanted to be painted, but the girlfriend advised not to spoil my hair and to try at first ottenochny tonic. I chose Estelle (tone “chocolate”) and is very happy with result – ringlets became brighter, more saturated dark color, than my natural.

Olga, 27: I often like to change a hairdress and to experiment appearance. I use tonics since students as paints during this time simply would “burn” all hair. I can distinguish Schwarzkopf from the tried and Wella – they the most careful and bright.