Vegetable dyes for hair

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What plants can be used for coloring of hair and how to dye them hair. For giving of chestnut color to hair it is necessary to use dye from a nettle daily, as this ottenochny coloring.

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Vegetable dyes for hair

What plants can be used for coloring of hair and how to dye them hair.

Coloring – procedure harmful to hair, especially, clarification. The chemical components which are a part of a hair-dye destroy structure of a hair. After coloring they can become fragile, rigid and dim, especially, if correctly not to look after a dyed hair.

If you want to change a little a hair color without doing them harm, it is possible to use natural vegetable dyes. They act as tonics – get only into an external layer of a hair. At continuous use keep strongly.

Here only vegetable dyes it is impossible to change cardinally a hair color, and it is possible to strengthen their shade only. But the most important – hair-dyeing by vegetable dyes doesn’t ruin, and improves a condition of hair, well influencing scales of a hair and accelerating growth of hair. It is possible to use them so often as you want, and the color gamut varies from golden to black-brown with different shades.

For the useful, looking after coloring of hair such plants are used:

  • Hop, cinnamon, birch (fallen leaves), calendula medicinal, juniper berry – to a fair hair give a golden shade.
  • Camomile – the soft clarifying action.
  • The sage – at regular use gives to hair a reddish-brown shade.
  • Onions – a bright golden shade.
  • The yarrow, barley sprouts – give a pale straw shade.
  • Sea-buckthorn krushinovidny, a nettle dvudomny – give to hair a chestnut shade.
  • Henna and basma are most widespread for coloring of hair.

How to paint hair a shell of walnuts

Vegetable dyes for hair

Walnut painted hair still in the ancient time. The shell of a green walnut is for this purpose used. It is necessary to boil it in water 3-4 hours. Dark-brown liquid which will turn out, needs to be evaporated to pure extract. Add vegetable oil to this extract (on 1 part of extract – 2 parts of olive or sunflower oil). After that evaporate on weak fire that water evaporated completely.

The cooled weight (40-50 degrees) with a flat brush is applied on roots of hair and held 25-30 minutes. After washing brown color will turn out.

How to paint hair buckthorn bark

Vegetable dyes for hair

Fill in dry bark of a buckthorn with boiled water (a glass of water on 1 tablespoon of bark). You cook 15 minutes.

How to paint hair a nettle, birch leaves

Vegetable dyes for hair

Dye from fallen leaves of a birch and from a dry nettle prepares on one technology.

For giving of chestnut color to hair it is necessary to use dye from a nettle daily, as this ottenochny coloring. The structure can use long. You receive desirable color and revitalize the hair.

Crush a dry nettle. Fill in 400 g of a nettle with warm water and put on weak fire. You “weary” a nettle 4 hours. Dye volume from a nettle has to remain 2 liters. Filter and cool structure. Before drawing on hair add 1/4 parts of vinegar to 1 part of krapivny dye. For one coloring about 60 ml of structure there are enough. Apply it on hair and wash away after full drying.

How to paint hair a camomile

Vegetable dyes for hair

Camomile paint natural very fair hair or decoloured. A fair hair will become strong and elastic, but won’t be painted.

Fill in 300 grams of flowers of a camomile of 500 ml of boiled water (for long hair take 600 g of flowers and 1 liter of water). Put on slow fire and you boil 20 minutes. Let’s be drawn within 2 hours, and then filter through the gauze put in three layers. Once again filter through a new gauze. The turned-out camomile extract to a propoloskayta hair after washing. It is useful to do such procedure after each washing of the head.

How to paint hair tea

Vegetable dyes for hair

Tea will give to dark hair the shining warm shade. Pour in strong tea leaves (50 grams) in 1 liter of hot water and you boil 15 minutes. Insist 15 minutes and filter through some layers of a gauze. Propoloskayte hair in the received tea extract also let’s dry in the natural way.

How to paint hair onions

Vegetable dyes for hair

Onions will give to hair a golden shade and will strengthen them. Fill in with 1 liter of hot water 100 grams of an onions peel and boil within 30 minutes. Let’s stand 30 more minutes, filter through 4 layers of a gauze. Wash up hair, and then a propoloskayta in the received onions extract. You dry hair without hair dryer.

Thanks to coloring by vegetable dyes, your hair will be healthy, strong, brilliant and with a beautiful natural shade.

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