Advantageous method of change of image

Add paints with the hidden iridescent coloring of hair. It is fashionable to be bright, and at the same time mysterious! The hidden coloring differs only in that it looks less extravagantly, after all only the lower layer of locks is exposed to painting, and top remain.

It is fashionable to be bright, and at the same time mysterious! The hottest trend for a head of hear — the hidden iridescent coloring will come to the rescue. The progressive equipment will present juicy shades and enthusiastic views of passersby.

In essence the hidden iridescent coloring — this new direction in hairdresser’s art which appeared in 2017, but already managed to become a trend. This way is suitable for courageous, self-assured and independent girls who aren’t ready to change cardinally the image or it is forbidden by a dresscode.

Choosing shades for painting of ringlets it is necessary to consider a face type, its lines and a make-up that the hairdress wasn’t beaten out from the general style. Pastel tone will perfectly look in daily hairdresses, and the shouting bright will be suitable for parties.

Concept of the hidden iridescent coloring, technology of performance

Iridescent coloring implies two stages:

  1. Washing of paint or decolouration of hair.
  2. Painting in bright colors it is similar to a rainbow.

The hidden coloring differs only in that it looks less extravagantly, after all only the lower layer of locks is exposed to painting, and top remain natural (or monophonically painted).

Carla Rinaldi thought up this way — the famous London colourist in response to numerous responses I will give that the majority would like to try bright accents of iridescent coloring, but can’t afford it owing to office work.

Painting of hair can be carried out by means of several means: crayons or special dyes.

This equipment has a set of advantages:

  • extensive color palette;
  • high speed of result;
  • opportunity will be allocated from crowd;
  • long-term result;
  • there are no restrictions as hair.

The technology of color coloring means the following steps.

By means of pieces of chalk

  • to comb moist ringlets, having horizontally separated the top layer and having fixed it an elastic band or a hairpin;
  • to divide the lower layer into identical locks;
  • to twist them in plaits;
  • in turn pieces of chalk to paint over locks (for everyone the color);
  • to watch sequence of flowers that there was an optimistic effect;
  • to sprinkle result a varnish;
  • washing off isn’t required.

Result not long-term, to the first washing of the head. Pieces of chalk harmless, are allowed even to teenagers.

Special dyes

  • to put on gloves and an old t-shirt (or a cape);
  • to process the line of growth of hair fat cream or oil;
  • to prepare dyes (in separate capacities to mix different colors of paint with an oxidizer according to the instruction of the chosen producer);
  • to divide ringlets into zones, top — pin up;
  • to divide the lower layer into locks (7 pieces);
  • serially to take locks, applying on them the painting structure of different color;
  • under each lock to enclose a foil and to wrap the painted ringlets;
  • it is necessary to work quickly;
  • to sustain structure on hair within 20-30 minutes;
  • to wash away without the aid of shampoo to transparency of water;
  • to apply the restoring balm or a mask;
  • to sustain necessary amount of time, to wash away;
  • to start new laying.

Preliminary decolouration of locks is required (at least one week prior to the planned painting).

Advantageous method of change of image

For what types of hair is suitable?

This way of coloring is suitable absolutely for any type of ringlets, as on color (brunettes, blondes, brown-haired women, red), and on structure (direct and curling). Very successfully painting looks on locks of different length, from the short — to long. In a word — there are no borders for a flight of fancy!

The only obstacle is the age, bright iridescent coloring not really pertinently looks on a gray hair, but pastel tone are quite permissible.

As the main restriction the condition of hair serves, the damage rate is more exact than them. After all the technology of painting is quite aggressive (at first decolouration, the structure which then is painting). Therefore you shouldn’t paint the weakened, fragile and dry locks, the effect on them won’t be gained according to an idea. It is necessary to treat previously them (it is possible to make nutritious masks, a course of 1 month).

The period of pregnancy and breastfeeding belongs to contraindications.


The iridescent (hidden) coloring — is unconditional, advantageous technology of painting. Thanks to a wide range of dyes (from pieces of chalk to paints) it is possible to make temporary option, and already based on its result, to start full transformation. After procedure it is necessary to find time for special care of hair which means use of balms, masks, the tinting means. If you want to turn on yourself delighted looks of passersby — this way of coloring that is necessary for you.